70 years in Northern California

Cindy Baker

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There is something special about the rolling hills of California.  There is something out there that lingers, something that stays with you no matter where you go.  This is what we hope you feel with every bite of Morgan's of California goodies.  Our family has lived here in the golden hills outside Winters, CA for over seventy years.

 It is here that we have raised our family and developed a product unlike any other.  Whether you bite into our dried fruit dipped in milk chocolate, crunch in to our world famous almond brittle, or munch on some of our gourmet caramel corn, we hope you will taste that little piece of California that still lingers in our hearts.  

We would love to visit with you as you look through our store here on the ranch, or take your time and browse our online store.  We can deliver anywhere and we welcome any special requests.  

Thank you for stopping by and please come again.